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There were three brothers that were very close to each other. The brothers always went to a local bar on every Friday at 5:30 on the dot.

When the brothers got married, they all got married to on the same day and at the same place.

When the brothers moved away from each other to go on with their lives, they all promised each other that they would still go to the bar every friday at 5:30 and raise a drink for each other.

On the first Friday that the brothers were separated, the first brother went to his new local bar and ordered three drinks. He took one sip from the first glass the took one sip from the second glass then from the third. He did this until all the beer was gone, then he paid the bartender and went home.

This kept up for about three week before the bartender finally asked why he did that. The guy explained about the promise that he had with his brothers. The bartender said that he thought that was a very good promise to keep faith with each other.

One day the same guy came in and asked for only two glasses of beer. The bartender thinking something awful has happened, said "I am awfully sorry about your brother."

The guy, not knowing anything about what the bartender was talking about, said "What happened to him?" The bartender said that when he only ordered two drinks instead of three he thought that something awful had happened.

The brother then said "No, nothing happened to either of my brothers, I just decided to give up alcohol."

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