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A man stumbled up to the only other patron in a bar and asks if he could buy him a drink.

"Why of course", came the reply.

The first man then asked: "Where are you from?"

"I'm from Scotland", replies the second man.

The first man responded: "You don't say, I'm from Scotland too! Let's have another round to Scotland."

"An Honour", replied the second man.

The first man then asked: "Where in Scotland are you from?"

"Aberdeen", came the reply.

"I can't believe it", said the first man. "I'm from Aberdeen too!

Let's have another drink to Aberdeen."

"It'll be a pleasure", replied the second man.

After a quiet moment, the first man asked: "What school did you go to?"

"Saint Andrews - I graduated in '62."

"This is unbelievable!", the first man exclaimed. "I went to Saint Andrews and graduated in '62, too!"

About that time, one of the regulars and sat down at the bar. "What's been going on?", he asked the barman.

"Nothing much, just the MacGregor twins drunk again."

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