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About Genie Jokes

Genie jokes vary around the premise that the subject finds a bottle/brass lamp/similar antique, from which, by chance, the Genie is liberated after a long incarceration. Usually, the joke illustrates the stupidity of the fortunate, or the risks of careless use of language. Occasionally, and worth collecting, are those that give the Genie his revenge for imprisonment or other ulterior motive.

These jokes have been around forever, in one form or another - I have combined the best of the versions I heard years ago, with the best internet versions. Where an 'alternative version' has significant - or funny - differences, I have included it here. But I have not lifted jokes wholesale from other sites. While searching for new ones, I found three sites with identical lists; all included the same three duplicates!

I am fascinated by the similarities between these jokes - and the differences. Note, for example, that women do not figure much, either as Genie, 'wisher' or victim (tho' victims seem rare, not counting the 'wisher'). Where possible, I have re-written smutty jokes to broaden the appeal; occasionally, however, a cleanup would ruin the joke completely, so, in the interest of completeness, all are included - here.

Copyright matters: I do not expect payment for use of any of this material (c'mon!), and I am happy to admit that I have shamelessly borrowed from all over the web. But I created this page and worked into the night to put it all together, and I assert whatever rights I have. In other words ...

If you do copy any or all of it, please give me due credit, and quote
the page address too:


I would love to add more to this page; Contributions welcome!

Thanks to: Dottie Marsh (thrice), SSpeer, jcb-at-mit

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This site is dedicated
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Karen Carpenter
1950 - 1983,
a Genie who never
escaped from the bottle
Karen Carpenter