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Cover Pictures

Every Picture Tells a Story ...


A selection of marital humour ....

Elephant Jokes

Classics of the genre


Traditonal Chickens Traversing the Highways jokes, plus an astrological insight into the psyche of the average chicken. Hey, you asked.


A sideways glance at the early days of Planet Earth - no harm intended; but not for the devout.


A small but perfectly formed collection.


You've seen Terminator? Well, who needs People these days?


Every nasty little boy you ever knew, rolled into one.

Light Bulbs

The genuine light bulb jokes - one-liners that get to the point.


They may - or may not - take over the world. Let's make it harder.

Two Cows

You've seen the thick tomes that political theorists write? Who needs 800 words when two cows will do?

Two More Cows

More of the same. But different.

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