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The Head

Mr. Almat took his pregnant wife into the hospital for her to have their first baby. After waiting for hours, a doctor walked in with a grave look on his face. Mr. Almat stood up. "What's wrong Doctor? Is everything ok?"

"Well, Mr. Almat, I have some good new and some bad news."

"Give me the bad news first." Mr. Almat decides.

"The bad news is, your baby boy was born as only a head, " says the doctor, "The good new is, he's breathing normally and it looks like he will grow up to be a happy healthy boy."

So the Almat's took their baby head home and he grew up just like any other kid with a body. Head (that's what his parents named him, for some reason) made good grades in school, played football (as the ball), and graduated with tons of scholarships. On Head's 21st birthday, his dad made a decision.

"Head, you're a man now and you can drink legally. Let me take you out and buy you your first beer." Head agreed and they went to Mr. Almat's favorite tavern. Mr. Almat orders a couple beers. He drank one and poured the other one down Head's throat. Head starts shaking and WHAM BAM! Two arms pop out of his head.

"Wow! This is so great! I bet they were tucked up underneath my head the whole time! The beer probably knocked them loose. Bartender! Get me another beer!" Head said.

The bartender served him another beer and Head slurped it down. WHAM BAM! A whole torso appears beneath Head. "This is the best day of my life! I wonder if I have legs?" He ordered another beer and WHAM BAM! A complete body! People clapped and cheered for him as he danced around the bar. Head was so excited! He ran outside screaming "I have a body! I have a body!" All of a sudden a truck hit him; he died instantly.

The moral of the story? He should have quit while he was a head.

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