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Short Tall Tales

The Accident

The 911 operator was nearing the end of a long shift. As button 14 lit up red, she sighed.
But she pressed the button "911 how can I help?"

"Uh there's been a terrible accident, my friend's dead. We're out on a duck shoot. He always was stupid, messing around with his gun. Now he's gone and shot hisself"

The operator's training asserted itself "OK, caller, just take it easy. it might not be as bad as it looks. First, make sure he's dead. Can you do that?"

There's a pause, then the sound of a gunshot."Now what?"

The Clock

"I have a grand-father clock at home that is so old that the
shadow of the pendulum has worn a groove in the back"

The Circus

A bloke goes to a circus to see the ringmaster. "Any jobs?" he asks.
"What can you do? asks the ringmaster.
With that the bloke starts flapping his arms, flies up into air, does two circuits, lands on a trapeze, preens himself, flies off the trapeze and comes back to land, with arms flapping, next to the ringmaster.
"Is that it?" asks the ringmaster "Bird impressions?"

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