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Maxwell's Theorem

Maxwell was the most brilliant man I ever knew. He went to Cambridge, getting a First in mathematics, and followed this up with several more degrees in the sciences from the world's greatest centres of learning.

Maxwell's most memorable achievement was written when he was just 27 years old, and it came to be known as Maxwell's Theorem.

The Theorem starts with one of the laws of physics:

Work = Power

Maxwell knew a bit about life, and accepted that Knowledge is Power. So ...

Work = Knowledge

Maxwell also accepted that Time is Money. So ...

 Work  = Knowledge

Simple mathematics means that this equation can be expressed as:

   Work     = Money

Thus as Knowledge approaches zero, Money approaches infinity - regardless of the Work done.

Maxwell realised that scientists will never make as much money as sales people. He made a fortune selling 'get rich schemes' on Internet News Groups.

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